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The ready. set. go face recognition solution!

FaceVACS-VideoScan ES, our Enterprise Solution, offers a subscription-based, managed system installed and administered by Ndende Technologies at the customer’s premises, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Ndende has selected optimal computing and camera equipment to guarantee industry-leading biometric performance.

Supporting responsible gaming and safe casinos

Casinos worldwide are using real-time face recognition to alert security staff of banned persons, and of patrons enrolled in voluntary exclusion programs who have asked to be stopped at the entrance. High rollers can receive special treatment as they are recognized at the entrance.

Gaming facilities can use facial analysis for an initial age check to avoid paying high fines for underage visitors. The software also detects gamblers who are staying too long in the casino, or within a certain area of the gaming floor.

Alerting retail staff to shoplifters, minors, and valued customers

Retailers use face recognition to support their security measures, while providing more personalized shopping experiences. A database with persons of interest—whether you stop them from entering or greet them in person—can be shared among multiple stores. Curtail underage sales violations, and avoid fine payments and license revocations!

Anonymous facial analysis computes visitor statistics, e.g., footfall during peak times, or in certain areas of the store. Use visitor data for staffing and other operational decisions!

Analyzing guest footfall, visit length and frequency

Restaurants want to know more about guest count and behaviour, and can use anonymous facial analysis to collect precise data about when, how often and for which duration guests visit their premises. Restaurant chains can determine if patrons frequent various locations.

In addition, restaurant businesses could allow customers to self-enroll in a valued guest database, and then recognize and greet them upon entry. Another gallery may collect images of persons who are banned from entering the premises.

Posting instant watch list alerts, and managing people flow

Face recognition adds another security layer to border control and airport security procedures by checking watch lists in real time and providing instant notifications when a known person is seen by a camera.

FaceVACS-VideoScan can detect crowds and measure waiting times in specific areas to prompt the redirection of people traffic. Airports also use the technology to assess journey times through the airport, using the data to change airport design, and evaluate staff and process performance.

Preventing disruption, injury, and destruction of property

Adding cameras along with a face recognition system to stadium entrances complements other security measures to keep criminals and violent fans from entering the event facility.

Event management can use statistical information derived from facial analysis to measure visitor counts and distribution, and use footfall data and person demographics to evaluate past and plan future events.

Greeting customers with more than a smile

Banks can recognize their customer upon entry and greet them by name and with their account details at hand.

Daily reports about customer count and frequency supports planning for staff resources and branch capacities. In the long run, banks can use such statistics to inform future business strategies.