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Overtime we have had to adapt to our customers’ diverse and complex security needs and build expertise into new areas. We also provide products and services in the following areas:

Advanced Surveillance Systems
  • Due to increase in crime incidences, businesses and government have had to keep up with latest technology to deter criminals. This creates a need for high quality cameras to be able to identify criminals. We are able to provide integrated and scalable surveillance solution.
  • Global mass transit industry

    With most cities moving towards smart cities where public transportation is a critical element to reduce congestion in cities. There is a growing demand for improved security offering in busses and trains. We are able to deliver solution geared towards improving passenger’s safety, deter criminal activities and improve asset management and tracking for the bus or train operator.

  • Other security solutions

    This include technologies to improve physical security for environments such as shops, libraries etc. We provide metal detectors, X-tray, RFID, EAS and AM systems.